Today is the 9th anniversary of Coworking. Happy Coworking Day!

The future of coworking spaces

The coworking history is already rich and we now see that the movement has moved out of the margins where it first appeared. Many coworking spaces are experimenting with new directions. So what is the future of coworking spaces? Will new spaces open up, using the same name or via one franchise network? Or perhaps the majority will move into a bigger space. Will some develop new services for the external community? Read more…

The History Of Coworking - In A Timeline: 

Five Big Myths About Coworking

"At the heart of coworking is having access to a larger community than even your existing colleagues and clients, but also being part of a group of people just starting up or with similar goals. While others might see competition, more people see potential connections. It’s good not only for your mental health (no more sitting in pajamas alone at home), but also for your business."

Genevieve DeGuzman

Living Life in the Freelance Lane: Tips & Tricks for ‘lancers


"The miseducation of most freelancers lies in the limitations of their financial education. It was Donald Trump who said in his book Why We Want You To Be Rich ,that you must invest time in learning more about money because ‘education replaces fear.’”

The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing a Business Plan: 

"If you are able, just start, don’t be too scientific about it!"

Florian Schemnitzer, product manager for Kalimbo Management

Picture: Agora Collective, Rebecca Griffiths